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Monday, 27 August 2012

New haircut :)

My hair grew so fast whilst I was on holidays and got really out of shape so I went to get it back into shape but wanted to keep the length. However,  keeping the length & taking only an inch off simply did not happen! The hairdressser just didn't take my hopes into consideration D: I was kind of gutted as my hair was so much shorter & I was not ready for the short length! Its back to when I got the 'bob' type hair and although I do like short hair, I keep seeing lovely nice long hair everywhere.

Like Annies from 90210 (love 90210! Just finished series 4...duno what to do with myself now! lol

So lovely and long hair you can put up or scoop up into a ponytail if you're having a bad hair day... However, I always loved short edgy hair too like Silver from 90210.

I'm missing long hair!!! But ah well sure, hair always grows back :)
Anyways I've grown to like my hair now after couple days & heres some fotos of it (before and after)!

Before; just mid-length or shoulder length.

Since last year's big chop I've always had one side cut shorter than the other :)

Pinned back on the shorter side to accentuate the contrasting lengths.

Aye so, there ye go! :)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Green tea :)

Just after eating nearly a whole bag of Cadbury clusters, so NICE! lol. 

Was feeling abit down cos I'm missing friends and family at home (and its so boring here & no-ones in Glasgow!). Anyways I've made myself a brew of green tea (with blueberries & raspberries) <3 to feel abit better about stuffing my face with so much chocolate!!

Here's some facts& benefits about green tea though:
 <3 it speeds up the metabolism so helps with weigh loss! This is because the polyphenol found in green tea intensifies the level of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories.

<3 Hence it helps with diabetes; by regulating glucose levels and slowing blood sugar rise after eating. It also prevents high insulin spikes and resulting fat storage.

<3 Helps protect against heart disease by preventing blood clots (the primary cause of heart attacks) and 
keeping blood vessels stay relaxed and resilient to changes in blood pressure.

<3  Reduces bad 'LDL' cholesterol in the blood and improves the ratio of good 'HDL' cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

<3 and apparently it can help with wrinkles and delay symptoms of aging! This is because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

I mostly drink just pure green teas, although I love jasmine (so floral) too & drink that quite alot. When the shops have twinings on offer too I usually get some fancy infused ones; my favourites are green tea with grapefruit & pineapple, also apple & pear, cranberry, mint <3 and this cuppa I'm having- raspberries & blueberries. Its delish!

All snug as a pug in a rug :)

Only thing left to do now is stick on a movie! I'm planning on watching fame.. O yea!
Hopefully it'll make me feel like I want to do some form of exercise tomorrow (really I wish I was just going out to a beer garden...then to a party for drink & dance!lol). Plans for tomorrow are to just go to the gym & sell things on ebay :). Shall see how that goes!

Hope you liked my rant about green tea. Its late, I'm bored, that's what I came up with lol :) xx

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Whats cookin #1

I made this last night for me & my boif. Looks like quite alot... Cos em it was alot! Managed to finish most of it though. I felt like eating the way we do when I'm back at home; everyone to their own rice bowls, sharing food around the middle. I was also cooking up something Japanaesy so I intended to sit on the floor! I did sit for 5 minutes after my feet got sore & my bf was sitting on the sofa pulled up close to the table so I moved in beside him! (Btw I don't own a table so I had all the dinner on the coffee table lol).

Anyways I made teriyaki salmon (pan-fried & used honey in it!), aubergine & babycorn stirfry in XO sauce & red chillies, and steamed egg (containing seasoning & stock). Healthy & tasty! There was also green tea, soya dipping sauce & wee seaweed wasabi seasoning thing that you put on rice called ontonano furikake.

It went down well so yey! Yum!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


My flatmates gone home & theres no one in Glasgow apart from my boyfriend :( but he works mon-fri & by the time he gets here its 7pm plus I work friday & saturday nites so Sunday is the only full day for us! Its also a major lie-in day! (or fat boy Sundays we call it :P) 

Sometimes I wonder think why don't I just go home as my family lives there & my bestest friend in the world Melissa :( everytime I chat to her its like nothings changed & its great :) I feel bad for leaving my town for Glasgow. I skyped Melissa yesterday & she said she had been let down by some friends on going out...I'd definately have went out with her! :( I do miss the days when we'd mess about in the summer...playing badminton, going for lunch, watchin Japanese or Korean dramas, eating loads! But I just can't stand the small town sometimes with nothing to do!lol I love my friends & my family but I couldnt, COULDN'T work in the family take-away for money. So Im primarily in Glasgow for working at the restaurant 3-4 days a week :) plus I'd miss my bf too much if I didn't see him for weeks on end.

My flatmates great & we get along the best, plus we love the same things, lounging about! I wish we had a good group of pals to hang about with though. First year wasn't bursting with meeting new people. Although I did meet lots of friends, its so hard to keep in contact with them & one of my closest pals in Glasgow has moved home to carry on her course :'( actually gutted & v.sad about this. Hopefully this coming year at university will be different. I'll make alot more effort to keep friends & meet new people. Hopefully I'll join a club (snowboarding!) & explore more about myself as well as meet new people! Really I just need more people in my life (lol). Maybe its cos right now Im watchin south park, alone in a flat, feeling like I want to GO OUT!!! I need a beer...lol.
Also, last nite a psycho alarm went off in the corridors of my building which scared the crap outta me :S so scary, luckily it was getting bright outside & since the alarm was coming from outside the flat, I could rest assured that no burglar had broken in! I just layed in bed hoping for it to go off :( lol. Scared & alone!!! My flatmate said I could have rang her tho when I tld her about it today (I love her, she keeps me sane c:). It went off after 20 mins & I was raging & tired lol.

Anyways, today I've booked to go home in August for 2 & half weeks. Can't wait! I was already home last month & it always flies so fast. Hopefully this time at home I have a car so I can ACTUALLY do things :) can't wait for quality family, pets & friends time :)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My simple everyday make-up routine :)

This is a makeup routine that I've been doing for ages now as its quick & not too 'done' looking for going to work or classes. I prefer looking au naturale lol and just using makeup to enhance facial features (also to disguise blemishes of course!). Altogether it takes about 10-15 mins! Sometmes if I want to be abit more dolled up (meeting the boyfriend or going shopping) I put on extra intense 'smokey' brown eyeshadow and longer (exaggerated) eyeliner flicks as well as mascara.

So, without further adieu I'll show you the steps through some pictures!:)

I've just put on moisturiser, little foundation & brow shadow to create a more definate brow.
Next I do the eyeshadow: 
darker matt brown on the upper outer corners of the eye to create shadow and illusion of a bigger crease, 
glimmery gold on the upper middle corner of the eye & bottom inner corner (to make the eyes look bigger), 
and a dark glimmery ombrey brown colour on the bottom middle to outer eye to outline the eyes (without using eyeliner which is more harsh).
Next I do my (signature lol) subtle cat flicks!
2 quick coats of mascara
All done!
The makeup used are:
1. Superdrug Vitamin E SPF 15 radiance moisture cream. Gotta have the spf! Even in Scotalnd lol. I love this cos this moisturiser contains light relecting pigments to give radiance & it smells goooood :)

2. Bourjois paris healthy mix in 51 (vanilla clair). This gives up to 16 hour glowing complexion and toned skin. It is a liquid foundation so its very light and I can use more or less depending on the coverage I want.

3. Sleek brow kit indark 818. This is really good as sit contains powder, gel and 2 different application brushes as well as tweezers! 

4. The body shop tea tree concealer in 01. I feel better when I use this on spots as I'm not just covering the spots (clogging it up) with makeup, instead this concealer does not clog up skin and has tea tree properties to help clear impurities!

5. Sleek mineral based eyeshadow palette in storm 578. I used the second gold colour and the matt brown. The glimmery dark brown is really handy to use on a night out to touch up on eyemakeup!

6. Eyeshadow alette by H&M. I just used one ombre brown colour from this. There are 36 different colours so I am always tempted to use the crazy colours (especially when I' going out!) for a change but most times I end up like the Joker. Lol I'll do my night out makeup routine soon!

7. 2true waterproof eyeliner. Good for staying on even when I get sweaty or cry :'( lol

8. Rimmel lash accelerator in 003 extreme black. This is supposed to be a lash treatment which provides benefits to the lashes; length, strength, nourish and renewal. I think it has increased length to my lashes to some extent but I'm not sure if it has given strength or made them thicker. It took perhaps a month to really notice changes and overall I'm pretty happy with this product!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my makeup routine :) any Qs or comments most welcome!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Choice of nails today!

Ive had this colour in my cupboard for ages so decided to change from the bright & nude colours I always go for. 
Its called 'Sloe Berry' (sloe meaning blackthorn so pretty cool) by Front Cover. This is really different than what I would usually go for but I really like it! I had to put on 3 coats however to get it really dark & matt :)

Looks navy blue in this photo lol but its really not!

ASOS £100 challenge

For the ASOS £100 blogger challenge this is what I came up with. It was quite difficult to keep within the £100 limit!

Cropped Fitted Top With Collar: £30

Knicker Short in Sequins: £30

Pieces Gylise Necklace: £5 (was £9)

Pieces Fransine Bracelet Set: £3 (was £10)

ALIVE Chelsea Wedge Ankle Boots: £22 (was £45)

Hard Diamond Clutch: £10 (was £25)

The first piece that caught my eye was the collared crop top, I love the preppy chic style. Next was the cool sequined shorts, I'd love to dress up in them for a night out. I knew I wanted a statement bag & orange was the colour I went for. I had to go to the sale section for this but I actually really like the shape & look of the bag here!
It was hard to find jewelry as I loved a big collared necklace I found which looked really cool clashing with the collared top. However it was too expensive :( so unwillingly I had to find some other jewelry. I found these lovely slim baggy bracelets and the cute necklace for less than a fiver each!

I just went for something that I'd like to wear on a night out. Hope you like it! :)